Terms and conditions of the seller

Seller's obligations and obligations:

1 - The seller is committed to the need to put all the details required when presenting the product or its own and can be used to service the clients of the site to help enter the details accurately and clearly.

2. The seller must confirm the purchase order when the product is available to him and is able to ship it and submit the shipping invoice for the site, which is bound by the shipping date within three days of the purchase order no more.

3. The seller shall inform the site of the place of shipment of the goods to and from the buyers.

4 - The seller is committed to packing goods and products before shipping to the consumer to ensure the safety of the product.

5. Seller shall bear after-sale services the possibility of retrieving the product or replacing it according to the conditions.

6 - Submit all documents and documents required for the commercial activity and any papers required at any time to conduct the activity.

7. Compliance with the safety of the product, including taking into account the date of validity and the date of completion, including the obligation not to disclose the product before the time specified by the factory according to the license to practice.

8. The seller's promotion of products and goods within the data package is not permitted only to comply with the requested details without addition.

Seller's Confirmation:

In addition to the above seller's undertakings, the seller shall:

1. Subject to the product recall policy applicable within three days of delivery of the product and 15 days of clothing.

2. The seller shall bear the legal responsibility for the products and exempt the site from any liability.

3 - The seller is committed to selling the original products and bear all the consequences of selling an imitation product from the product's return and the receipt of the money and the penalty condition.

4. The seller shall identify the country in which he registers and promotes his products.

5. The seller shall pay the specified sales fees.

Stages of the sale process:

1. The seller shall fill in the required data to display the goods on the site.

2. Buyers will send sales orders to the seller via our website.

3. The seller shall pursue the purchase orders.

4. The seller confirms the purchase order.

5. The seller sends goods and products to a shipping company.

6 - Receiving the buyer of the product.

7. Receiving the seller for payments.

Guarantees provided by the seller to the coffee shop:

1. The Seller undertakes to use the Sites in a way that does not contradict the law without violating any proprietary rights or violation of the law, while complying with the terms of content and avoiding prohibited content.

2. The Seller undertakes to comply with this Sale Agreement without entering into any agreements or negotiations against it.

3. The seller undertakes to deal with the original goods and to ban the counterfeit goods while complying with all the penalties resulting from violating and violating any item including the return of the product and replacing it and compensating the buyer with compliance with the criminal provisions and conditions.

4. The Seller undertakes to notify us directly of any changes that may affect the validity of this Agreement.

5. The Seller hereby acknowledges and agrees that the application of the Convention shall not result in a profit.

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